H2O Europe 
develops and supplies products for sustainable and natural control against algae, legionella, bacteria and similar.

  • completely new innovation
  • durable and low-maintenance
  • scientific results
  • no chemicals

Product operation

Avoid excess water consumption and water tax by fighting algae, legionella, fungi, bacteria, and other organisms naturally. H2O Europe has developed a system based on nanocavitation, the effect of which has been scientifically proven. Let our technology do the work, while you get back to doing what you love.

With around 40,000 vibrations per second, our resonator kills bacteria and other organisms living in water. Our innovative technique is based on nanocavitation, imploding microscopic vacuum bubbles created by the resonator. We make it possible to work with water in a clean, sustainable, and circular way.

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About H2O

H20 Europe represents sustainable co-operation between Dutch technicians, researchers, and scientists who come up with solutions for every potential issue with clean and circular water systems.

We know all there is to know about combating algae, thread algae, legionella, and parasites such as the E-coli bacterium.  


"Thanks to the use of the products of H2O Europe, pesticides and chemicals are unnecessary."

- Johan van de Voorde

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AquaGrow, a H2O Europe customer who works with the system, saw spectacular results immediately: "You have to clean starting from the base, then the rest is easy.”

Johan van de Voorde

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