The H2O technology is based on nanocavitation, lowering the pressure to create vacuum bubbles in the water before increasing the pressure again to implode the bubbles along with unwanted parasites, bacteria, and micro-organisms. However, the difference between traditional nanocavitation and H2O's technology is range – everything in the surrounding water is sucked into the implosion, causing water stowage (a kind of microscopic water jet) under very high pressure. It is these water jets that eliminate the unwanted parasites, bacteria, and micro-organisms.

Our technology produces over 40,000 vibrations per second with its specialist resonator. These vibrations transform mechanical energy in the water into kinetic energy, with pulses many times stronger than traditional nanocavitation systems: it is over 100 times more powerful than ultrasound alone. The result is microscopic nanocavitation with a large-scale effect, up to 55 meters in salt water and 40 meters in fresh water. To the best of our knowledge, H2O's technology is unparallelled in the world and can therefore be considered revolutionary.



The vibrations generated cover a frequency range between 20 and 60KHz, where 40KHz is the main frequency. At frequencies between 20 and 45KHz, various types of algae are destroyed. Parasites measuring between 0.2mm and 0.7mm are destroyed at frequencies between 35 and 60KHz. The resonator's vibrations are enhanced by nanocavitation.

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