AquaGrow is a specialist and one of the forerunners in aquaponics: the combining of fish farming with growing crops in water. This involves an enormous amount of water and manure consumption, which goes against sustainable values. Is it really necessary to use that many resources and spend that much money? AquaGrow found their answer to this question with H2O Europe's system.

The answer turned out to be simple: no. Excess water consumption, manure spillage, and exorbitant water tax are unnecessary. With H2O Europe's resonator, the company created a closed water cycle, sparing both expenses and the environment almost instantaneously. AquaGrow were amazed:

"You see something very beautiful happen, and you realise you are holding gold for the future.”

April 2018 was a disaster for the farmer: near-mature lettuce hung limp, the roots brown. The lettuce had been afflicted with pythium, a fungal disease colloquially known as root rot. After seeking advice from H2O Europe, AquaGrow decided to remove all affected lettuce plants and replace them with new ones. They also placed our resonator in the water. The result was astonishing: the roots returned to their normal colour in no time, leaving the water spotless.

After that, AquaGrow were convinced. "If this is possible in such badly-contaminated water, it must work.” H2O Europe's system is not only a solution for the fungal problem, it’s also a demonstrated alternative to chemical control and costly systems. This solution doesn't interfere with other processes, meaning there’s no need to monitor it. And their best bit of advice:

"If you're struggling with similar issues, contact H2O Europe.”

H2O Europe has placed 3 water basins in Zambia, South Africa to solve a major algae problem with H2o free. See the result here:


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